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Employment & Volunteering

Amity Hospice is always seeking qualified applicants to become a part of our team. Serving Dallas-Fort Worth, TX, we provide a variety of compassionate hospice services to both patients and families. If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, please reach out to us and fill out an application.


At Amity Hospice, we have built a strong, interdisciplinary team in order to provide the best possible care. From physicians, nurses, and medical professionals, to social workers, chaplains, and office staff, every employee serves a significant role in each patient’s hospice care.

We handpick our staff for their clinical abilities, as well as their humanistic personalities. We firmly believe that compassion must be matched with competence, so all of our new hires are mentored and trained to the very highest standards. We value individuals who are caring, knowledgeable, and professionals in their field.

If you would like to apply to Amity Hospice for employment, please print and fill out the application below. Call 972-931-5400 for further information.

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Amity Hospice has a comprehensive and compassionate volunteer program. All volunteers are interviewed and then must complete our quality measure and training program. Our volunteers also have full staff support and resources, enabling each of them to best serve our patients and their families.

Our volunteers provide a variety of services to hospice and palliative care patients, including, but not limited to:

  • Offering companionship to patients, caregivers, and families
  • Providing support to patients and families
  • Assisting in light housekeeping
  • Accommodating time to relieve primary caregivers
  • Running errands and making deliveries

Before joining our team, volunteers are required to:

  • Undergo a legal background check
  • Complete a mandatory on-the spot drug test
  • Receive a TB shot by an Amity Hospice registered nurse

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Amity Hospice, please print and fill out the application below. Call 972-931-5400 for further information.

For hospice employment and volunteering opportunities, contact us today.


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