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Amity Hospice provides compassionate care to families across the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex in North Texas, USA. Locally owned and operated, our team of caring professionals will embrace you during difficult times with dedicated support for medical needs as well emotional or spiritual guidance if needed!  We embrace your family during difficult times while seizing special opportunities that create lasting memories.


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About Amity Hospice


The word amity is defined as “friendship; peaceful harmony.”

At Amity Hospice, we are committed to providing the gold standard of hospice and end of life care for those confronted with a progressive terminal illness. We provide individualized plans of care, personalized to each patient and family.

Amity Hospice is Medicare and Medicaid certified, and licensed by the state of Texas.


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Dallas 2020 Award - Amity Hospice - Dallas, TX

Amity Hospice Honors our Veterans!

Honoring Veterans: Our Dedicated Staff Achieves Level One in Paying Tribute to Those Who Served. Thank you to you and your families for the ultimate sacrifice! 

An Interdisciplinary Team

Amity Hospice is committed to the entire family, realizing we are here to take care of a family, not just a patient. Our team consists of professionals from multiple specialties, including physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains, and volunteers. We work together to design a unique care plan for our patients and their family members. Our team communicates constantly to ensure seamless service.

Mission Statement

Amity Hospice is passionate about the gift of providing hospice care to those in need and honors the trust that has been placed in our hands. We seek to minimize suffering, provide psychosocial services to the patient and family, provide spiritual services, if desired, and to improve the quality of life by capturing as many positive moments as possible.

As the journey comes to a close, every moment of time is special and we are committed to that understanding. We provide you with the best medical care wherever you feel most comfortable, thus promoting the best recovery.


“Amity and its staff were such a gift to my loved one and to me. Their loving care did not stop with my loved one’s passing, but they have been a source of great comfort and support to me ever since with amazing grief counseling and informational support. I cannot recommend them higher.”


“Amity Hospice has been a godsend. Their consistent care and loving attention is unsurpassed. The entire staff has been wonderful to work with, providing great communication.”


“Amity took wonderful care of my mother for the short period of time she had left. They were attentive and always spoke to my mother directly, even if she was unconscious. That made me happy. Once she passed, they were appropriately concerned for our family’s well being and supported us after her passing.”


“I want to thank you for being there for my beloved brother when he came home from rehab. Your thoughtfulness will never be forgotten. Thank you for taking such good care of him. You are truly a blessing. He passed away quietly & peacefully on January 17th. God bless you & keep you & yours always in his constant loving care.”


“It was a life changing experience. I can say this without reservation.

When my wife decided to enter the hospice program, we both understood that we were beginning our last journey together. How and what we would encounter along the way was unknown, but we knew that we would put our trust in a team of medical professionals who would be our guides along the way, and it was well placed.

The responsiveness from Michele, Kim, Dr. Hassan, Blaine, and Maria, gave us the confidence… to manage the twists and turns of a road we never traveled before.

Uncharted terrain can be suspenseful, but with the thoughtful care of our nurses, the reassuring words of our chaplain and the gentle hands of our aide, L arrived at her final destination feeling that she was well cared for. What better way to travel.”


I have been so pleased with the care Amity has given to my Mother. Even though my mother is in a facility, just knowing there is someone from Amity who sees her Monday through Friday who takes the time to assess how she is doing physically and emotionally has been a great relief! And to know that someone from Amity is available 24 hours a day is very comforting. I would recommend Amity Hospice to everyone.”

– L.W.

Nurse Tammy Henderson was so compassionate, not only to Dad (her patient), but to me, as well. She kept me informed, worked with me on tweaking dad’s medication and made suggestions to make life easier for all of us. Amity was a wonderful friend to walk with us down the Hospice road.
Highly recommend.”

– H.M.

This was the hardest thing I ever had to do and without the team at Amity, I would not have made it. They were available to me 24/7. Every single person there has a heart of gold, and are exactly where they are supposed to be. I seriously felt like they were family. My mothers Aid, Maria, was a literal angel. I would bet my life that God sent her here.”

– P.G.

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